SUP surfing the North Shore

The North Shore is the epicenter for Winter swells and a great place for me to push my big wave SUP surfing and waterman skills.

I really enjoy working hard for my sponsors and with great photographers like Tim Ditty anytime I’m in the water.

Here are a couple cool shots by Tim Ditty of a typical North Shore day with some fun Winter swell.

Sean J HI 09 61
testing my 10'6 SUP gun in some fun size at Phantoms
Sean J HI 09 35
getting in early on a fun peak with size is awesome..
Sean J HI 09 67
taking off late is always a heavy gamble. Ha ha
Sean J HI 09 9
paying the price and enjoying every minute of it. ha ha
Sean J HI 09 2 (1)
getting caught inside on a bomb set is not an option. paddling for the safety of the channel as i watch good friend Sean, pull the rip cord. ha ha
evening session at Pinballs, Waiamea
Small but fun and the crowd is perfect.
Inside bowl with TJ Saeman

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  1. Tim is still taking beautiful pictures like he and I did in Newport when Danielle was a baby. Was great to see Him still doing what he loves.

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