My new Hobie 9’9 & 10’2 CP Stinger signature model SUP surf boards

I just got my new 9’9 and 10’2 CP Stinger signature SUP surf boards in from Hobie. I did a lot of R&D with a couple different shapes and finally came up with something that has the drive and manuverability of a short board and the glide and stability of a high performance longboard. I like speed and the ability to turn on a dime and the confidence to hit a section as hard as possible and ride away from it and that is what my new boards are all about..

Dimensions:  10’2 x 28.875″ wide x 4.65″ thick.        9’9 x 28″ wide x 4.5″ thick

You can test drive these boards at the Hobie surf shop or log onto

The top side of the 10'2 & the 9'9 SUP boards

bottom side 10'2 & 9'9

good rocker and flow throughout the board
9'9 all ready to hit the water.
riding the nose is always fun
putting the board to work at home.

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  1. Hi Chuck. The outline is really interesting. I would call it a quintessential hybrid. The bottom two feet are all short board, and the rest is all long board. The longboard part has a very straight outline – I guess this really helps with speed. I am thinking of buying the 10’2″ as my small wave board since I already own an 8’11”. Would I be correct in thinking the 10’2″ will be more fun in samll waves than the 9’9″? Have you played with different size centre fins to optimize turning and drive? I enjoyed the videos. Cheers, Matt

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