The Hobie Hennesseys Paddle race was held in Dana Point at Doheney state beach. The conditions started out with a light wind out of the North West and as the race started, it cranked up to about 18-20 mph making the first leg of the race a solid down winder. Then as we rounded the down wind buoy it became a major battle up wind and that is where I started to pick people off.

I paddled my Hobie 14′ Carbon race board that worked well in the chop and because of it’s shorter length compared to my 18′ unlimited, the board never got pushed around and was easier to keep a straight line while paddling.

I managed to bend my knees more and really crouch in the wind while paddling and that really helped in keeping myself focused on over taking some of the unlimited paddlers that were in front of me.

I managed to finish in the middle of the unlimited class and win the 14′ class again. I hope to see the 14′ class build more for racing in the future.

All kinds of SUP boards or weapons...
You can see the wind on the flags.
getting in the zone with my hard core paddling music....
You can never give up.....
I strive to go 150% all the way to the finish and it was close but my determination worked out.
Sparky paddled a strong race and beat a lot of good paddlers with so much Aloha....
Candice Applebee and her family support crew.
No matter what the conditions Micky is always ready to go.. I hope I can do that..

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