Malibu Downwinder SUP race

The Malibu downwinder SUP race was an 8 mile race that started up by the Naval base beach and ended just North of Leo Carillo beach. The race started in the afternoon so that we could get  favorable windy conditions to race in. As the race started, the wind was pretty non existent with a couple good small rollers, but a lot more paddling then gliding.

I paddled my Hobie 18′ unlimited race board witch is pretty heavy and has a rounded bottom for flat water paddling, but for some reason it could catch every little bump and i took the lead early and held it all the way to the finish; finishing 1st overall.

Sure enough when the race was over, the wind cranked up and a bunch of kiters and windsurfers took to the water to enjoy the good windy afternoon that we were waiting for.

Super fun, workout of a race and great food and beer was had by all.

Hobie team rider, Byron Kurt finishing 1st in stock and his daughter Brin and Myself finishing 1st overall
Hobie team rider, Bryce saemen and Brin enjoying the afternoon festivities.



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