Rainbow Sandals “King & Queen of Dog Patch SUP surf event

Rainbow sandals put on another epic event at San O which was an Aloha style SUP surf event with over 100 competitors in costumes, wigs etc.

The conditions were smooth with a dying 2-4′ ft swell that kept pulsing till the finals. It was great to see competitors from Hawaii and all over the West coast. The Aloha spirit was alive, great food, good music and super fun heats. There was huge SUP industry support where all the SUP board and paddle companies had tents and demos etc.

I surfed my 9’9 CP stinger and kept making it through each heat. I made it to the finals and battled it out with Noah Shimibukora, Tommy Loy, Leleo Kinimaka and Kyle Mochizuki in super fun high tide surf. We were all trading waves and having a blast, full Aloha Final.

1st place Noah Shimibura    2nd place  Chuck Patterson    3rd place  Kyle Mochizuki

full SUP industry support
great local band playing some killer tunes.
Leleo Kinimaka in full Hawaiian Aloha style


The silver dog bowl trophies.
Hobie donated one of my CP stinger boards in the raffle.
The King and Queen of Dog Patch
R-L, Noah S, Kyle M and myself; super stoked about another great event.





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