rainbow sandals “Molokai crossing” hawaii

After the Outdoor retailer trade show in salt Lake city; I flew out to Maui to train and get ready for the Molokai Crossing. I always stay with my adopted family, “the Baxters” who have 2 super talented waterman kids that compete windsurfing, SUP racing, surfing, and tow surfing; you name it they do it.

I trained for a couple days on a couple race boards on loan from Dave Kalama and Naish. The day before the race, we drove a boat over to Molokai from Maui with all of our race boards and gear.

full story coming soon.

on the boat to Molokai with the Baxter family
my team partner, Mike Fields, Jenny Kalmbok and Thiebert Lucia before the start.
my little brother, Connor Baxter, ready to be the first 14 year old solo paddler to ever cross the Molokai channel
Prone paddlers started before the SUP paddlers.
Mike Fields grinding it out in the channel.
Mike getting some good rides.
You can just start to see Oahu off in the distance.
After I rounded Portlock Point, The wind turned into a 25 mph head wind, making it a super brutal finish.
I'm almost there, but still grinding.
Mike and I enjoying a great tasting beer after a great day of paddling.
Connor coming in and still smiling, what a super stud....


Got to love coming from California and finishing 8th overall.
What an awesome event, hanging with great friends, thanks Sparky!!




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