My dog’s knee surgery

Those of you who have pets, know the feeling when man’s best friend is going under the knife. It’s like your child getting surgery and you hate to see them in pain and hope they understand that it’s for the better and hope they don’t hate you for it. Our dog “Wade”, a 3.5 year old Newfoundland has had a rough childhood with 2 eye surgery’s, one knee surgery and constant vet visits.

You just want your pet to have a good healthy, loving life, and that’s all that matters. Fortunately his ACL surgery went great and he was off his pain meds in 2 days and eating like a horse. with 6 weeks to go, he is doing great.

Poor Wade not stoked to go in for knee surgery....
Wade, in a deep sleep of pain meds, but looking good.
Wade on his way to recovery....
The knee surgery went well and Wade is finally running around and working on building his leg muscle back.
Wade is all healthy and happy. Back to being a dog again.

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