Mavericks swell road trip

Another solid Winter swell that looks like it will be bigger and better up North. I called Brazilian surf photographer “Fred Pompermyer” and we decided to do a 2 day road trip up North to Mavericks in Halfmoon Bay, Ca. We drove all night and got to Mavericks at 6 am and met up with Jeff Clark at the boat ramp. We drove the skis out in the pea soup fog and as we got to the inside bowl at Mavs, the sun broke and we could see 25 guys sitting on the peak waiting for sets that would come every 20 minutes. jeff was over the crowd, but i opted to stay and give it a try and see how my new big wave SUP gun was going to work.

The tide was super high and there was a major bump in the water that made it super challenging to stay balanced on my narrow gun, but it all worked out. It was a humbling experience to say the least; because my board was so narrow and flat making it hard to keep the nose from pearling at the bottom of the wave. I caught a couple waves and called it quits because the wind started to blow everything out.

We decided to hit up Santa Cruz and get another session before dark. We stayed at my good friends and fin sponsor from Rainbow fins and the next morning after a quick tour of the Rainbow fin company office; we drove the coast down from Monterey through Big Sur then Morrow bay all the way home. We stopped at a couple fun waves on the way and got some cool shots.

Another great 2 day “hit and run mission” to get the blood moving and ready for an active El Ninjo Winter…..

all photos by Fred Pompermyer

Paddling out at Mavs on a SUP is a whole new challenge.
testing the waters on a small one at Mavs.
the fog slowly lifting as we waited patiently for the sets.
Sunset SUP surf in Santa Cruz
On a SUP mission.
A Mysto point was firing with a nice long Right hander that peeled for almost a mile.
Central coast off the lip
Another great SUP surf session at a new wave on the way home.

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