Can’t Sleep, Lets ride

It’s a peaceful Sunday morning; a perfect day to relax and just unwind after a long week on the go, if your normal… The problem is, I can’t sit idle for more then 10 minutes without going crazy. I did the gym thing early, surf is flat and I need some kind of solid punishing workout that wipes me out completely so I can “relax”……

So I call a couple good mountain biker friends (Alex, Kenny and Darren) who planned to take the mountain bikes down South and hit some new challenging terrain. I love it when a plan comes together!!  I grab my bike and all my GoPro camera stuff and build a quick camera mount that comes off the front of the frame with an 8” inch arm off the right side, with the camera on the end pointed forward looking just past the front fork and tire. “I don’t know why, but ever since I got a couple of the Go Pro cameras, I’ve been super addicted with building funky camera mounts for all my sports in the water and on land.

Alex giving the tutorial....

An hour later, we all meet and load up the truck and head a half hour South to a really cool mountain range covered with single tracks, from technical to intermediate with a bunch of great climbs and a couple long techy downhill runs that have several rock drop offs and double ups. We gear up in our riding garb and start on a solid grinding 3 mile climb to the top. We take a quick minute to enjoy the epic view of the glassy ocean and then do a series of fast zippy, flowing downhill runs, with a couple solid climbs. After 2 grinding loops, we hit one more good climb and decide to finish the day with a really fun, fast, technical downhill run.

Kenny, Alex and Darren on a Sunday ride..

“I used to ride a lot about 12 years ago and just got back into the grind with a great group of athletes that really push you to ride at their level and I love challenging myself like that because it always brings the best out in you”.

Alex on the charge..

This last downhill run was filled with a bunch of technical rock drop off sections, roll overs and finished with a series of double ups. Half way down, we hit a couple fall away drop offs that were “super mind blowers”, where I had to really stop thinking mentally and just ride. If you look more then twice at something, that’s when your going to get hurt. I really get a good idea of what line to take when riding behind these guys because there is no time to think and your first reaction is probably the best anyway.

Kenny floating the lower section..

We got in about 12 miles of fast pace hill climbs and downhill runs and I finally hit my wall of total satisfaction, making it easier to get that sleep we all look forward to. Thanks to my good friends for the great challenging ride and to In and out for those well deserved double doubles cheese burgers.. ha ha

it's all about the workout however you get it.. ha ha

I hope you all had a great weekend and remember, sleep is over rated so get out there and enjoy Mother Nature any way you can……….

Go Pro video camera (pov) hit link below,

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