Man’s best friend

Those of us who have pets, know the feeling all to well; when you leave for work and you look back at your fury buddy to say goodbye and they give you that look, you know, that look. As if they could talk through their eyes, saying “can’t I go with you today??” or “why do I have to stay here all day again??”

So, every chance I get, after work I like to take my dog for a run down to the beach or at the very least a good drive in the truck so he can just hang out of the passenger’s side window like a gorilla in a tree and let the wind blow through his hair. It’s kind of funny actually; to see him hang his whole head and front paws out like he’s a human. I will pull up to the stop light and the driver in the car next to me does a double take because he looks like a black bear or gorilla.

Today, I thought it would be funny to capture  a couple shots of him hanging out of the window while driving with the GoPro HD camera mounted to my windshield. It’s amazing how happy dogs get when they put their heads into the wind. Pretty classic….

All about the hair....
we have lift off....
Deep concentration and loving it.....

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  1. Chuck, they love to stick their head out the window because of their nose. To a dog, it’s a wonderful adventure of smells – a new one around every corner. For example (I know this sounds gross), you and I smell dog crap, but a dog does not smell dog crap. Their sense of smell is so refined, they detect everything the other dog ate for dinner the night before. In fact some scientists think they can pick out every ingredient that went into that dinner. To a dog it smells wonderful, or at the very least, worth investigating. A car ride to a dog is like you or I browsing a fully stocked surf shop on grand opening day! Woo-hoo!

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