So Cal storm Powder day

We have been plagued with 4 days of torential rains, wind and heavy waves and of course some great low elevation snow. I hooked up with long time friend Dave Reddick of Powder magazine and drove up early Friday morning to enjoy a good Southern California powder storm day. It was pouring rain all the way to the canyon entrance and as we made our way up the mountain road the rain turned to snow at around 3,ooo ft. I couldn’t believe it; we were an hour and fifteen minutes from home by the beach and it’s dumping snow like an epic winter storm in Colorado.

snow was dumping on the way up the hill to the mountain.

We cautiously climb the last couple miles to the ski area parking lot and are the first ones there.  The great thing is that Mt Baldy is a small family run “mom & pap resort” which is rare to see these days, especially here in Southern California. Who would have thought. As we pull up to park, we see a huge piston bully tractor pushing snow to clear the small parking lot and to top it off he parked his truck with the lights on to light up where he was going. Kind of classic.

who needs snow plows, when you got old faithful.
family operation with a lot of snow to clear before the masses hit the slopes.
it was just dumping snow. I get the same stoke when the offshore winds start to blow with a new swell in the water.
This is the warming hut and ski patrol office at the base of the mountain. "kind of cozy"
they had to dig out the chair by hand for a couple hours and finally got rolling mid morning.
so stoked to get steep and deep so close to home; it's been 15 years since i last skied here.
it was dumping all day and reminded me of skiing a good storm day at Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe
frozen Southern Cal pine.
riding the chilly old slow wooden bench seat chair to the top. I think my butt is pretty numb by now......
Dave Reddick of Powder magazine shooting deep pow, storm shots.
It's been 2 years, I can't believe I still remember how to ski or at least keep from hitting the trees. ha ha
nothing like really getting back into the swing of things after about 10 turns. ha ha
Low elevation snow covering century plants and cactus on the way home.

I want to thank Dave and company for a great day. It was a great last minute trip, with friends to enjoy another one of Mother Natures gifts and a great reminder of how much I miss skiing and the beauty of the mountains. “Life is funny, just when you get in a groove or a routine where everything is safe and cozy, you get an opportunity to go back and do something you lived for in the past and you find that love for it again and wonder why you ever stopped doing it.” It’s a humbling yet refreshing reminder of how lucky we are to enjoy what we all love to do.

” So get out there and get back to living and enjoying Mother Natures Rainbows.”

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  1. Chuck you motovated me! I hit Mamouth first turns since Cordova two years ago, Thanks

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