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Dana Point 9-man outrigger race

I always like changing it up and doing everything I can that encompasses water. This year I have been very fortunate to train and paddle with Team California outrigger team. We all train super hard at everything OC1, surf ski, SUP, surf, swim etc. and then we put it all together in the 6 man outrigger canoe and race.

This 9-man outrigger race was out of Dana Point Harbor up the coast to Laguna beach and back down past the harbor and in. This is part of the 9-man series where each team of 9 guys traded out 3 guys every 10-15 minutes in the 6-man canoe thru out the entire race which was about 11-12 miles.

These races are super exciting and what we all look forward to each year. We placed 1st in the Masters and 3rd overall.

Team California in 1st at the Bell buoy

here we are just outside Aliso, paddling hard.

Still cranking up to the Laguna upwind turn buoy.

making our last change before the last turn buoy to the finish line.

Team California, all smiles and stoked on a great race.




Team California Iron outrigger race

This season, I was fortunate to start training with The Team California outrigger team. With my busy schedule, I had limited time in the boat, but the boys had confidence that I would do better under pressure while racing. I paddled in seat 4 which is considered part of the engine room and so I had no excuses but to paddle my butt off. The first outrigger race of the season was in San Diego and our 6 man crew raced a 12 mile open ocean course against 60 other teams.

We battled it out with Lanikila and got 2nd overall and 1st in the Masters division. the race was insane and nonstop paddling all the way to the end. Outrigger is all about team and you can never slow down or let your team down, so I learned a lot about pushing myself super hard to the end even though i wanted to quit.

Pretty awesome race with a great team.


Getting the canoe all dialed and ready for speed.


It's all about team and building the canoe before you race.


The canoe ready for battle


battling it out to the 1st buoy.


grinding into the harbor run.


What a great team.


sponsor pic.