Go Pro camera wave shots

I’m driving back home from working in Laguna on a super hot and glassy afternoon and drive by the beach, only to see perfect little 2 ft tubes breaking right on shore. I get this hair brain idea to go swim with my Go Pro camera and shoot some fun tube shots and see what this little camera can do.

Here are a couple fun back lit shots…..

Aliso creek sand bar.
Throwing wide in 12 inches of water..
Inside out tube shot
Sun beam throwing wave..

The Rainbow sandals 2009 “Battle of the Paddle”

In the SUP world, the Rainbow sandals Battle Of The Paddle is recognized as the SUP World Championship, where all the top SUP racers in the world come together to battle it out in the most challenging race ever. This years event was a 2 day event held in Dana Point at Doheney state beach where the beach was covered with SUP industry tents, boards and thousands of people waiting to see who would win the world crown.

Full story and photos soon…..

Thousands of people crowded the Dana point shores to see the Battle.
One of the most challenging SUP race starts ever.....



Hobie Hennesseys International Paddle board Championships, San Francisco


The Hennesseys International Paddle Board Championships were held in San Francisco at the Aquatic park on a beautiful warm sunny 80 degree day. Team Hobie drove up a few days early to train and enjoy the city life with friends.


Full story and photos soon…….


The Golden Gate bridge in all it's glory.


The event site at Aquatic park, SF




SUP World Tour boat trip

With the sport of SUP racing growing so fast, the SUP surfing is sure to follow in it’s footsteps with a world tour..

Tristen of Waterman’s League, decided to put together a small contenders boat trip in Tahiti to test out the idea.

12 SUP athletes; 4 from Tahiti, 4 from Hawaii and 4 on the International team.

Full story and photos soon….

Tahiti sunset
All the athletes enjoying the boat trip




Testing my hobie 7’11” SUP in the surf

I always like doing R&D and exploring how much smaller of a board I can ride and still paddle efficiently in the surf. Today I tested a 7’11” and it was a fun challenge. I feel I need a little more length to help glide into waves and make paddling easier and a little more thin and sharper rails to help control the board during sharp turns etc. All in all, it was a fun ride….

My little toy.
almost like riding my surfboard
this board was a little more challenging going backside because of the thicker rails.



Tahoe-Nalu SUP race

I spent much of my life living in Tahoe when I was competing in skiing and snowboarding. All of my family lives up here, so it’s always great to come and visit and get away from Southern Cal and relax in the mountains. I always stay at my Mothers hotel “Holiday House” which is right on the lake in Tahoe Vista and is a great place to take your dog.

For the past 3 years there has been a really great SUP race on the lake and SUP paddlers from all over the West coast come to compete and enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

This years race was one of the biggest with about 150 paddlers and a cool set up on the beach where SUP industry companies had demo boards and paddles for all to try.

This years 7.5 mile race was kind of challenging because of the South East winds and boat wakes that made paddling and balancing on your race board a major chore. Competition this year was solid as I battled it out with my Team California outrigger team mate Thomas Shahinian the entire time. We traded places the whole time and then I managed to keep him behind me to the finish. Great race!!


Drove up at 1 am with my dog "Wade" and my road soda that kept me buzzing till day light.
Home sweet home at my mom's beautiful hotel "Holiday House".
"Wade" was in the water all day long living in dog paradise.
"Wade" loves to swim forever.
The event site in Kings beach, Lake Tahoe
The finish line at the beach.
Hanging with Thomas Shahinian and Jimmy Terrel.
Team Hobie killed it in every category.
Holding the lead in bumpy, choppy conditions around the point.
!st place overall on a new Hobie 18' unlimited SUP race board





Dana Point 9-man outrigger race

I always like changing it up and doing everything I can that encompasses water. This year I have been very fortunate to train and paddle with Team California outrigger team. We all train super hard at everything OC1, surf ski, SUP, surf, swim etc. and then we put it all together in the 6 man outrigger canoe and race.

This 9-man outrigger race was out of Dana Point Harbor up the coast to Laguna beach and back down past the harbor and in. This is part of the 9-man series where each team of 9 guys traded out 3 guys every 10-15 minutes in the 6-man canoe thru out the entire race which was about 11-12 miles.

These races are super exciting and what we all look forward to each year. We placed 1st in the Masters and 3rd overall.

Team California in 1st at the Bell buoy
here we are just outside Aliso, paddling hard.
Still cranking up to the Laguna upwind turn buoy.
making our last change before the last turn buoy to the finish line.
Team California, all smiles and stoked on a great race.



rainbow sandals “Molokai crossing” hawaii

After the Outdoor retailer trade show in salt Lake city; I flew out to Maui to train and get ready for the Molokai Crossing. I always stay with my adopted family, “the Baxters” who have 2 super talented waterman kids that compete windsurfing, SUP racing, surfing, and tow surfing; you name it they do it.

I trained for a couple days on a couple race boards on loan from Dave Kalama and Naish. The day before the race, we drove a boat over to Molokai from Maui with all of our race boards and gear.

full story coming soon.

on the boat to Molokai with the Baxter family
my team partner, Mike Fields, Jenny Kalmbok and Thiebert Lucia before the start.
my little brother, Connor Baxter, ready to be the first 14 year old solo paddler to ever cross the Molokai channel
Prone paddlers started before the SUP paddlers.
Mike Fields grinding it out in the channel.
Mike getting some good rides.
You can just start to see Oahu off in the distance.
After I rounded Portlock Point, The wind turned into a 25 mph head wind, making it a super brutal finish.
I'm almost there, but still grinding.
Mike and I enjoying a great tasting beer after a great day of paddling.
Connor coming in and still smiling, what a super stud....


Got to love coming from California and finishing 8th overall.
What an awesome event, hanging with great friends, thanks Sparky!!




Outdoor retailer tradeshow, Utah

I went with the Hobie team to Salt Lake city, Utah for the Outdoor retailer trade show . The day before the show, there was an on water demo at a lake near Powder mountain where the public could demo SUP boards and kayaks and ask questions etc. After the demo was over, the Hobie team decided to do a river run on the way back to Salt Lake city.

Story coming soon.

The Hobie team ready to paddle the river after a long day doing demos.


cruising down the mellow part of the river.
Just cruising with the boys, about to hit the rapids..
Tree tube on the way down.
Hitting the rapids and feeling like a beginner again. ha ha...


The river SUP pros ready to get rolled..
cool light box at the Hobie booth at OR