My new Hobie 9’9 & 10’2 CP Stinger signature model SUP surf boards

I just got my new 9’9 and 10’2 CP Stinger signature SUP surf boards in from Hobie. I did a lot of R&D with a couple different shapes and finally came up with something that has the drive and manuverability of a short board and the glide and stability of a high performance longboard. I […]

Fun Winter day SUP surfing at home

Living in Southern California; we really don’t get the huge Winter swells like up North, but we always get a couple fun glassy days here at my local break. There’s nothing like getting good waves at home and running down the street for a couple hours of paddling. Today I hooked up with my good […]

SUP shaping with Mark Johnson of Hobie surfboards

Having a sponsor like Hobie surfboards has been really fun because I live just up the street and when I want to do some R&D or try out some new designs or even shape something new and exciting to try in the waves, it’s all at my finger tips. So today, I met up with […]