“Wade” first snow adventure

We have had our Newfoundland dog for about 3.5 years and never had a chance to take him to the snow. With snow reports showing 5′-7′ ft of new snow in the local mountains, it was time for my wife and I to take the wooly mammoth to the mountains. It’s pretty awesome to watch […]

My dog’s knee surgery

Those of you who have pets, know the feeling when man’s best friend is going under the knife. It’s like your child getting surgery and you hate to see them in pain and hope they understand that it’s for the better and hope they don’t hate you for it. Our dog “Wade”, a 3.5 year […]

Spring is in the air

In Southern California we are blessed with beautiful weather year round . We don’t get the super cold Winters, below 0 temperatures or even that much rain, but come March there is always some South swell in the water and beautiful sunsets. I love to run down to the beach after work with my dog […]